A Holiday Pep Talk for Encouragement on Your Non-Diet Journey

Wrapped presents in background, words say: A Holiday Pep Talk for Non-Diet Encouragement

It’s a lot: We’re wrapping up the end of the year, have a ton of holiday events, and getting ready for the New Year. Add the always-existing pressures of diet culture and sometimes it can be hard to deal. Here’s a little holiday pep talk, for encouragement on your non-diet journey – save it and read it whenever you need it.

How Holding Your Pee Relates to Intuitive Eating

Blog post banner: toilet paper stacked against yellow background. Words: "How Holding Your Pee Is Related to Intuitive Eating"

Feel like you’re too busy to take bathroom breaks? This common habit sabotages our intuition around hunger and fullness signals too. Discover how improving interoception helps make intuitive eating easier.

How to Move Forward from Difficult Emotions

A moody image of mountains with words: How to move forward from difficult emotions

When life doesn’t go as planned, do your emotions take over like a toddler throwing a tantrum? Learn how to move from frustration to flexibility by managing difficult emotions in a gentle, constructive way.

How to Cook Healthy, Without Using Recipes or Wasting Time and Energy

  You want to cook healthy meals that feel good in your body and give you energy to do the things you want to do during the day. This post shows you how to cook fast meals that taste good, without recipes.   Imagine this: It’s been a long day, and you’re getting hungry for […]

Things to Talk About, Other Than Diets, Bodies, or Weight

Title image: Things to talk about other than diets, bodies, or weight. Has speech bubble with a heart inside

  Trying to be more weight-neutral in your conversations? Want to talk about something other than your body or weight? Want to have more positivity and less negativity in your life and conversations? Whether you’re doing it for yourself or for the benefit of others (because fewer people policing what we all look like and […]

All Foods Fit: No Off-Limits Foods – How it Can Work For You

Image header: all foods fit, how it can work for you - "unconditional permission to eat with attunement"

You’ve heard about moderation and balance, and maybe you’ve even tried to have no “off-limits” foods, but only ended up eating too much and feeling out of control. Turns out, we need balance in the way we approach food to keep food itself in the right context. Keep reading to learn the key to making […]

Know Your Closest Exit: Stress Management Technique for Those Unavoidable Moments

Image header: Know your closest exit stress management technique "respond from your best self, not from your stressed self"

We’d all love to avoid stressful situations, but some are unavoidable. That’s unfortunate, because stress can have so many negative effects on our physical health, our emotional wellbeing, and our eating behaviors. The upside is, that because we know that sometimes we’ll have to be in stressful situations, we can plan ahead to manage it […]

Responding to Food Police: What to Say When Someone Comments on Your Food or Body

Woman looks concerned as she looks down on the cupcake she's holding that says Happy Birthday. Words on graphic say: "What to say when someone comments on your food or body"

Tired of others’ comments on your food choices or body? Learn 9 empowering ways to set boundaries and respond firmly yet kindly when well-meaning or outright rude “food police” overstep. Main Points: Discern well-intentioned vs hostile comments Decide if discussion is worthwhile or draining Respond from place of self-respect, not escalation Use specific scripts to […]