The process

tried and true,
with plenty of room to personalize

My process is based on science, experience, and you!

Each person and their situation is unique. We’ll work together to customize this process to best serve your specific needs.


We'll dive deep into where you currently are, using a variety of methods including assessment tools and discussion

Nutrition Mindset

A new mindset ensures a good foundation for your new relationship with food

Tongue, Body, Brain Alignment™

My simple framework makes Intuitive Eating practical for daily use

Gentle Nutrition

Nutrition science to support health in a compassionate, non-diet way

Grab your complimentary 15-min Get Confident Call to chat about your goals, answer any questions you have, and get to know each other. Gain clarity and confidence in exploring the options on your path to wellness.

Some things you'll love

No "off-limits" foods

Judgement-free zone! Refresh your approach to food and your body.


Learn to trust your body and experience inclusive, guilt-free wellness.


Theory’s not enough. Get a practical roadmap for real-world situations.


Use your mental energy for what matters most, not what you’ll eat next.


Learn the skills to approach any food situation with confidence.


It’s your life. I work with you to develop action steps to your goals.

What My clients are saying

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