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It can work for you.

Food cravings? Medical conditions? Out of control with food? 
No energy? Overwhelmed? Too busy for health or self-care?

With Tongue, Body, Brain Alignment™, it IS possible for you to experience confident food freedom, and have more energy, so you can do more of the things that matter to you and have the personal and professional life you desire. Figure out what healthy means for your specific body. We’ll work together to make it possible.

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a woman smiles as she bends over the pan to taste the food on the spoon, slightly self conscious of the photo but fully confident in the kitchen

Life-Enhancing Balance

End the struggle with your body and health, so you can have energy for that to do list and self-care, even on busy days… all while enjoying the food you love!

Few things are more frustrating than feeling like you can’t close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Personalized services help you move forward faster and increase your chance of success.


Motivation to nourish your whole being

Get inspiring wellness info, practical tips, and helpful resources so you can have peace with your body and health, knock out the to-do list without burnout, and achieve your goals faster, with more energy and focus.

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A few things you’ll love

so you can live a life you love


Judgement-free zone! Refresh your approach to food and your body.


Learn to trust your body and experience inclusive, guilt-free wellness.


Theory’s not enough. Get a practical roadmap for real-world situations.


Use your mental energy for what matters most, not what you’ll eat next.


Learn the skills to approach any food situation with confidence.


It’s your life. I work with you to develop action steps to your goals.

Nice things people say:

(so you don’t have to “just take my word for it”)

In just a brief conversation with Shelly about my travel wellness goals, she was able to help reshape my thinking and point me to a more comprehensive goal that includes both enjoying food while on vacation and not coming home feeling guilty about it. Shelly’s expertise as both a nutritionist and a life goals coach shines through.

Lara Krupicka

I think you did a great job helping me find solutions that I can use versus just telling me I wasn’t doing the process the one true way or something like that… It feels like we did some really hard work to help me find a path that works for me. I’m really happy and excited about eating and appreciate it so much more than I used to. Thanks for helping me fully love something I already thought I loved.

Jenn S

Shelly has a genuine compassion for people. She takes the time to listen with an open heart and an open mind to provide the best customized service possible.

Allison Howell

Let’s Meet!

Apply for your complimentary 60-min Nutrition Mindset Consult to clarify where you are, where you’d like to be, and get personalized next steps in living the life you love… while enjoying the food you love!

Shelly Najjar, MPH, RDN

Encouraging, supportive, knowledgeable

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition. I’ve been fortunate to experience guilt-free food freedom that has led to better personal health.

However, I wasn’t always aware that this was possible. My first job as a dietitian was in a public hospital, where I saw so many patients with diseases that could’ve been prevented or slowed with earlier intervention. Instead, they were often beyond effective treatment by the time I saw them. It crushed me that all those patients were giving up their dreams because of mostly preventable conditions.

On top of that, nutrition recommendations and our diet culture are restrictive and shame-based. Patients were set up for failure, not success. Even if they wanted to be healthy to support their life, food rules ended up holding them back from the life they wanted. Recommendations didn’t support people in feeling better, but only caused them to be irritable, stressed, and more overwhelmed than ever.

My existing education hadn’t prepared me to truly help patients transform their health in a lasting way. Then I found out about Intuitive Eating, and the paradox that health is actually more attainable with fewer food restrictions. I began to see this change my own way of thinking and eating, and my clients started to have more success as I applied these concepts to our work together.

This gave me a deep passion to promote wellness from a non-diet intuitive eating approach. Now I help busy women improve their health with NO off-limits foods, so they can live the life they love… WHILE enjoying the foods they love.

Are you ready to join me in living a life *you* love?