Current Services Offered

Pricing varies by service, and packages and payment plans (for select services) are available. Please contact me or see package options page for possibilities.


Nutrition Mindset Consult Session

Complimentary 60-min phone call to clarify where you are, where you’d like to be, and get some personalized next steps in living the life you love… while enjoying the food you love!

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Private Nutrition Mindset Coaching

Nutrition and wellness coaching to fit your lifestyle. I specialize in helping busy women with the WHY and HOW we eat, so you can have a healthy and joyful relationship with food and peace with yourself and body at any size. It’s personalized, practical, and guilt-free! Multiple packages, memberships, and other options available.


Intuitive Eating for Busy Women: Facebook Group

We’re a group of women gathering to support each other in our pursuit of wellness, *separate from* our body shape or size. We’re committed to being a non-diet space. You can join for a mix of conversation and online events that help educate, inspire, support, and encourage us in this whole-person journey to wellness. There’s no membership cost, and events are a mix of prices (from free, to pay what you will, to a set price).

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Kitchen Confidence & Compassion: A Retreat for Practical Self-Care, Nourishment, and Life-Enhancing Balance

Oct 24-29, 2022 (5 nights, 6 days) in Renton, WA

If you’re a woman with a lot going on, who’s ready to grow in self-permission and kitchen confidence and learn the self-care tools you need to compassionately nourish your mind, body, and spirit, then join us for this special retreat where you’ll come away with more balance, energy, and satisfaction than you ever imagined possible!

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Ministry Options

I also support ministry programs and organizations with nutrition and wellness services. Click here for more details.