Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Looking forward to seeing you at a future event! If you have any questions, please contact me. You can also apply for a complimentary Nutrition Mindset Consult Session to discuss your goals and situation, and get customized recommendations.

Notice: I’m committed to keeping you safe and supported! Here’s what that looks like at this time for events (contact me for more information):

  • Many virtual events are available at this time.

  • For live events, we’ll follow venue and government rule/safety protocols.

Upcoming Events


Ask a Dietitian: Nutrition Mindset Q&A

60 min live session via Zoom to answer your questions about gentle nutrition, mindfulness, intuitive eating, self-kindness, mindset, non-diet goals, etc.

Location: Virtual, Zoom link provided after registration

Fri, Jan 7, 10am Pacific  |  Free

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Gentle Nutrition in Body and Mind: Group Coaching Program

By the end of this group program, you’ll have learned how to gently introduce and stick with change, make satisfying food choices with your body’s guidance, and become healthier in body and mind, so you can feel more like yourself, enjoy the food your body needs, and build a new guilt-free path when it comes to your food and body.

Location: Virtual, via Zoom

12 weeks, access starts mid-Jan 2022  |  $850

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January Self-Care Discussion

We’ll gather online for a discussion on what self-care looks like for each of us this month, from a non-diet perspective. Plus, we’ll have a guided moment of mindfulness.

Location: Virtual, Email for Zoom link

Sat, Jan 15, 10am-11am Pacific  |  Free

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Casual Cozy Connection: A Diet-Free Social Space for Women

Sometimes trying a non-diet approach can be lonely or challenging. Every social space seems to be tinged with diet talk. Let’s change that. We’ll gather with a guiding topic (this quarter: “comfort”) to help us get the conversation flowing. Add your favorite cozy drink and maybe a super-soft blanket and be ready to meet other fun women! Attendees will also get a cozy gift included in ticket, to be mailed after the event.

Location: Virtual, Zoom link provided after registration

Tues, Jan 25, 6:30pm-8pm Pacific  |  $10, includes cozy gift

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Monthly Motivation Meetup

We’ll gather briefly online for a quick chat to gently motivate us for the month ahead with self-kindness and intention. The discussion will be centered around a quote and will include time for each person to respond and share about intention for their week ahead.

Location: Virtual, Email for Zoom link

Mon, Feb 7, 8am-8:30am Pacific  |  Free

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Kitchen Confidence & Compassion: A Retreat for Practical Self-Care, Nourishment, and Life-Enhancing Balance

By the end of this retreat, you will have the self-permission, kitchen confidence, and self-care tools you need to nourish your body and yourself, even on busy days, so you can make positive, life-enhancing changes from a place of self-compassion, leading to more balance, energy, and satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Location: Western Washington State

5 nights, 6 days, Fall 2022  |  price TBA

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