Whether part of staff appreciation, a wellness program or event, or included in your customer outreach strategy, I help you support your team and customers with a variety of options. Read below to get ideas, or click here to jump to the contact form to schedule a chat about your goals, dreams, and vision.

Wellness affects many areas of our lives, including but not limited to work, and many areas of our lives affect our wellness. My inclusive, all-body-size and non-diet approach to wellness encourages and inspires people to live well, in a way that makes sense for them.

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Ideas to include and support wellness in your organization

• Staff appreciation to show your team you support them as whole people
consider remote coaching, custom packages

• Staff wellness benefits to prevent burnout and promote whole-life balance
consider talks, remote coaching, on-site coaching pop-ups, or custom packages

• Customer outreach to practically serve and support people who may not know about your organization yet
consider talks, on-site coaching pop-ups

Remote Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Like all my coaching, this phone-based service is inclusive, accepting, and motivating. I use a non-diet, weight-neutral (all-body-size) approach that doesn’t shame people, but inspires them to take action toward achieving their own wellness goals. This makes it possible for people to live the life they dream of, both in and out of the office.


Wellness Workshops and Talks

Your team or customers can benefit from my mix of motivational content and wellness education. Sample topics include:

The 5 W’s of Confident Eating in Any Food Situation, with Zero “Off-Limits” Foods

Silencing the Food Police: How to Respond to People who Want You to Eat a Certain Way

Can You Trust It? How to Find Credible Nutrition Information

Freedom from Food Shame

Healthy Eating in a Hurry


Custom Workplace Wellness Packages

Each company is unique, and you know your company and team best. Let’s collaborate and creatively brainstorm how to bring the best experience to your organization.


Email me at shelly@confidentnutritionnow.com to schedule a call to talk about your goals and needs.