Work With Me


I offer a variety of services, all informed by Health at Every Size principles, Intuitive Eating, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the non-diet approach. Below are some FAQ’s about working with me in general.

What’s changing at this time?

I’m committed to keeping you safe and supported! Here’s how:

  • Virtual care/telehealth (video chat and/or phone) services are available (no in-person services) at this time.

  • Cancellations due to any illness will be rescheduled at no charge.

  • Financial challenges can make it difficult to pay for nutrition services, so payment plans and limited sliding scale slots are available to those experiencing financial hardship.

  • There’s an entire list of resources I’m offering to the community that you can access by clicking here.

What conditions can a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist help me with?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can help you manage and prevent many chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, high triglycerides, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), among others. They use the science of nutrition (including biology, organic chemistry, psychology, behavior change theories, etc) to work with you to come up with creative and lasting solutions that fit your lifestyle, medical situation, and personal preferences.

What’s the benefit of seeing an Intuitive Eating Counselor?

In addition to understanding the science of nutrition, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor can help you figure out what, when, and how much to eat for your specific body. They can help you find freedom from the feeling of out-of-control eating, eating for emotional reasons, and/or the need for endless supplies of discipline and willpower. There are no off-limits foods. You can learn to meet your health goals while enjoying your food more than ever before.

What’s the benefit of seeing you in particular?

Clients love my compassionate, collaborative approach that helps them develop a healthy relationship with food and to be fully present in their life. All recommendations are custom-built around each client’s goals, personality, and lifestyle. You’ll feel empowered to make your own choices and encouraged to live out your unique story. Click here to read some testimonials.

What can I expect in my first visit?

The first visit is a deep dive into your particular situation and goals. We’ll review the information you completed in the new client paperwork, discuss your goals and progress, create a plan for our work together, and end with a few action steps for you to experiment with until our next session.

What services do you offer?

For a full list of current services, please see the Services page.

How much do your services cost? Do you accept insurance?

For a list of current package options and insurance information, please see the Package Options page.

How do I get started?

Let’s connect over the phone for a complimentary 60-min Nutrition Mindset Consult Session to clarify where you are, where you’d like to be, and get some personalized next steps in living the life you love… while enjoying the food you love – Apply now!