Transforming Your Food Legacy Workbook

Change your inherited food mindset while honoring your health and heritage!

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What Do I Get?

Image of the cover and select pages from the Transforming Your Food Legacy workbook

This short, 11-page workbook is designed to…

  • help you reflect on your family food legacy (past, present, and future)
  • become more aware and intentional about food, eating, and the way you view your body

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I’m Shelly and I’m a Nutrition Mindset Coach with a deep passion to help women realize it’s possible for them to have a healthy, joyful relationship with food, and peace with themselves and their bodies at any size.

I use an empowering, non-diet approach to help busy women who want a healthier relationship with food, so they can stop the food struggle and be at peace with themselves and their bodies at any size.

Before finding out about the flexible approach to wellness I currently use, I was frustrated and burnt out on nutrition. The restrictive and shame-based recommendations I had been taught only held women back (including myself), and set them up for failure.

Then, I stopped feeling guilty about enjoying food, embraced intuitive eating and body neutrality, and began to see lasting change in myself and my clients.

Now, my flexible, empowering approach to food and wellness brings compassion, fun, and peace, even on hard body days. I can’t wait to share this with you!

This workbook is a great way to start or go deeper in your journey to food freedom!

“Shelly is amazing human being above anything else. She really understood the struggles with food I had and was able to give me a plan of action that not only was good for me but helped me over come many years of my bad relationship with food. She is very kind and compassionate and very understanding in the way she talks to you about nutrition. I highly recommend her!” —Ivy