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Q&A: Terms, Conditions, Policies

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Joyful, Nourished, and Free:
A Busy Woman’s 12-week Journey to Prioritizing True Health and Freedom

Shelly Najjar, MPH, RDN

Confident Nutrition, 1011 N 49th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Last updated: January 18, 2023

These Q&As are the equivalent of a terms and conditions page. These are to help set expectations and boundaries that are built on mutual respect and trust, so we can together co-create a space for you to thrive.

Signing up for the program means you’ve agreed to the terms. Please read this fully before signing up and email me at shelly@confidentnutritionnow.com if you have any questions!


What’s included in the Joyful, Nourished, and Free program?

What’s the investment?

Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

Do you guarantee results?

What’s coaching? What can I expect from you? What will be required of me?

Will the coaching calls be recorded?

What’s your confidentiality policy?

Will this help with diabetes, IBS, or another medical condition?

Will this help me lose weight?

What’s the general flow of the program?

What’s included in the Joyful, Nourished, and Free program?

This is an internal and external journey.

You’re going from…

  • an unhealthy, out-of-control, or dreary relationship with food
  • constant negative self-talk
  • feeling like you’re fighting with yourself and your body
  • eating your feelings
  • holding yourself back from life
  • postponing your happiness or pinning it to a future event (“I’ll be happy when…”)
  • a vicious cycle of avoiding and binging on foods, falling off/getting on the wagon, etc


  • a healthy and joyful relationship with food
  • transformation and growth in positive self-talk
  • judgment-free peace and acceptance of yourself and your body at any size
  • freedom and relief from food guilt and worry

Here’s what’s included:

  • Lifetime access to the Joyful, Nourished, and Free course material
  • 12 weeks of access to…
    • Live Q&A / Hot Seat Coaching Calls (virtual, every other week)
    • Recordings of Previous Coaching Calls
    • Fun & Different Calls (virtual, 1-2 each month)

Here’s what’s NOT included:

  • Cost of non-included activities and services (including but not limited to private 1:1 services and/or in-person activities unless otherwise specified as a bonus, special offer, or additional service)
  • Medical nutrition therapy, mental health or family counseling, or private 1:1 services
  • Language translation or interpretations of coaching materials or sessions (everything is in English)
  • This is not designated as a fully ADA accessible program. Currently the program is delivered using Teachable, YouTube, Zoom, and email. Availability/accuracy of screen reading technology, closed captioning, and transcripts are not guaranteed.

What’s the investment?

Coaching is an investment of finances, effort, and time.

Payment is needed to enroll and access the program. Total price varies depending on whether pay-in-full or payment plan options are selected. Payments are non-refundable. This program is not health insurance-, FSA-, or HSA-eligible.

  • Pay-in-full: $1,500 USD
  • Payment plan: 3 payments of $550 USD/month ($1,650 total)

 Time and effort investments are variable:

  • Reserve ~1-2 hr per week (for the module + activities)
  • Plus 1 hr additional time for each Q&A coaching call or replay

Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

There are no refunds for the purchase of this program. Payment cancellation or chargeback attempt initiated by you will result in a total and immediate loss of access to the program, including course materials. You may become ineligible to purchase future products and services from me and/or Confident Nutrition. By purchasing using the payment plan option, you also agree that this is a fee owed for services rendered, not a subscription that can be canceled.

I reserve the right to cancel any program or service, or your access to it, prior to full delivery for any reason whatsoever, including an insufficient number of participants or logistical problems (e.g. acts of God, war, strikes, etc.), which may impede service delivery and operations. I may also cancel your access if I feel we aren’t a mutual good fit or our expectations are consistently clashing (this is rare, and less likely to happen if you read and agree to this document). The refund of payments as described in the paragraph below shall release me and Confident Nutrition from any further liability. 

If I cancel the program or your access to it, and you’ve had less than 12 weeks of access and services delivered, you’ll get a partial refund for time remaining in the program.

Do you guarantee results?

The Joyful, Nourished, and Free Guarantee:

Starting a program like this can feel scary. That’s normal, so I want to offer you something to help you feel more confident in your ability to have a good experience. When you go through the 12-week program, you’ll see progress in TBB Alignment and Intuitive Eating, or you’ll be able to stay in the program for another 3 months at no cost.

To qualify for this guarantee, you must do all of these actions within the first 12-week timeframe:

  • Complete all modules and activities in the Joyful, Nourished, and Free course
  • Attend and participate in at least one live virtual coaching call each month
  • Watch the replays of any live coaching calls you miss during the 12-weeks
  • Complete the coaching call reflection worksheet for each call
  • Submit a question by email each month to be answered on a virtual coaching call
  • Experiment with any additional tasks I recommend to you during coaching calls

What’s coaching? What can I expect from you? What will be required of me?

Coaching is a collaborative process between the coach (that’s me, Shelly) and the client (that’s you). It’s a method to inspire you toward positive change and maximum wellness, by supporting you and asking questions that lead to self-discovery.

While coaching is not mental health therapy, the nutrition mindset approaches used in this program may involve discussing sensitive aspects of participant’s lives and you may experience uncomfortable emotions. If you feel the need to seek medical advice or mental health counseling for new or ongoing concerns, it is your responsibility to find a licensed provider in your area so appropriate care can be provided before, during, and after the program as needed.

Let’s clarify our expectations so we can work together in the best way possible.

What I expect from you:

  • show up to scheduled sessions, on time, prepared, and fully present (no distractions)
  • be open to the inner work challenging existing thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • communicate honestly, be open to feedback, share what’s working and what’s not
  • set aside the time and energy to participate fully in the process
  • treat me, the other members of the group, and yourself with respect
  • choose not to blame, make excuses, or be negative as a habit (we all have those moments, but in this program you’ll be asked to think about what’s in your control, and to be open to change)
  • take responsibility to create and implement your own physical, mental and emotional wellness, decisions, choices, actions, and results. I can’t make change for you.
  • agree to the boundaries of nutrition mindset coaching to provide general nutrition and wellness information (not medical services)

What you can expect from me:

  • provide you with the listed program inclusions
  • show up to scheduled sessions, on time, prepared, and fully present (no distractions)
  • communicate honestly, be open to feedback, share what’s working and what’s not
  • treat you, the other members of the group, and myself with respect
  • maintain the Code of Ethics maintained by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). Personally, I strive to treat everyone like I’d like to be treated
  • provide accurate and actionable nutrition and wellness information in the context of the Intuitive Eating and weight-neutral approaches

Will the coaching calls be recorded?

The regular schedule for the virtual coaching calls will be 10am-11am Pacific, every other Friday. The calls will be recorded. I’ll use the recorded videos internally to review and grow as a coach. They will be shared with current program participants in the list of recorded previous calls and are for private use only, not to be shared with others.

What’s your confidentiality policy?

Above all, when it comes to privacy, I strive to act respectfully to create a safe space for your personal and wellness growth.

Anything said between any two or more group members at any time is part of the group and is not to be shared with anyone outside of the group, except as may be otherwise required by law.

By participating in the group, you agree to keep confidential the names of other members of the group and what’s said in the group.

I may use our conversations as inspiration for other work and content, but will maintain your privacy. I may use your words for anonymous testimonials, unless I have your permission to share your name along with the testimonial. All testimonials may be used anywhere a reasonable person would expect to see a testimonial (online, print, etc).

I may disclose information to mental health providers, the police, or other necessary authorities if I believe you or anyone else might be at risk. This is based on my sole discretion. Depending on other contract work or employment outside Confident Nutrition, I may also be a mandatory reporter of certain illegal activities that I observe or hear reported in this group.

Will this help with diabetes, IBS, or another medical condition?

While the focus on nutrition, self-care, mindset, wellbeing, and practical skills is helpful for caring for our bodies and ourselves in all kinds of medical situations, participating in this program should not be confused with professional medical care.

This program and course may provide general nutrition and wellness information, but they aren’t personalized medical nutrition therapy (using nutrition to treat and prevent specific disease) or medical advice. They don’t prevent, cure, or treat any medical disease or mental disorder, and are not a substitute for therapy if needed.

If you feel the need to seek medical advice or mental health counseling for new or ongoing concerns, it is your responsibility to find a licensed provider in your area so appropriate care can be provided before, during, and after the program as needed.

Will this help me lose weight?

You may want to lose weight, change the shape or size of your body, or pursue another aesthetic goal. There are plenty of pressures and information from healthcare, family and friends, the media, ourselves… the list goes on! And you’ve probably heard a lot of things about only needing to find the right strategy, or use more psychology, or any other tips and tricks and programs that might be out there. You might have even tried them, maybe even with a temporary feeling of success, but it never seems to last (and sometimes feels worse than before).

Imagine instead being able to accept yourself and your body, knowing that it’s okay as it is, while understanding how to make positive changes. Do you feel the burden slowly start to lift?

How freeing would it be to not have to follow food rules, pretend to like veggies, or fear certain ingredients? No more earning or making up for your food. No more driving with the windows down after eating in the car to hide the food smell, or guiltily rushing through foods eaten hastily over the sink.

This program, as with all the services I provide, is from an all food fits, weight-neutral approach.* Let’s see our food and bodies as allies in a fulfilling life, not enemies!

*This can feel like an unusual approach and may not be something you’re familiar with. If you have questions, please reach out to me for a complimentary call to talk about this, your situation, and whether this program is right for you.

What’s the general flow of the program?

In this program, I’ll guide you through twelve weeks of experiences and trainings that come from many years of helping women to develop a healthy and joyful relationship with their food and bodies at any size. You’ll learn and review concepts, experiment with tools and techniques, and through the coaching calls, get personalized support to overcome barriers and apply them in specific situations in your life.

The weeks are designed to guide you in a journey of growth, health, and freedom.

  • Welcome – Your Journey Starts Here
  • Week 1: Self-Assessment & 3 Main Philosophies
  • Week 2: TBB Alignment™
  • Week 3: Brain, Part 1 – Mindset
  • Week 4: Brain, Part 2 – Self-Talk
  • Week 5: Brain, Part 3 – Food Rules
  • Week 6: Tongue – What Do You Like?
  • Week 7: Body, Part 1 – Hunger/Fullness
  • Week 8: Body, Part 2 – The One Question
  • Week 9: Self-Care, Part 1 – Consistent Nourishment
  • Week 10: Self-Care, Part 2 – Building the Toolbox
  • Week 11: Gentle Nutrition, Part 1
  • Week 12: Gentle Nutrition, Part 2
  • Bonus Week: Check In, Next Steps

The detailed titles of teachings and activities, as well as the exact outlines for coaching calls aren’t published here, to allow them to flex to group needs. Keep your heart and mind open to whatever experiences come our way.