The 🛑 STOP Stress Eating Bundle

If you’re a busy woman who’s ready to get a fresh perspective on your stress eating, so you can feel more intentional, satisfied, and healthy, grab the STOP Stress Eating Bundle today!

What Do I Get?

The STOP Stress Eating Bundle from Confident Nutrition - Q&A audio response, Journaling for Stress Eating Relief, and My Stress Coping Toolkit

In this bundle, you’ll get:

  • STOP Stress Eating Audio – a 10 min Q&A response about stress eating so you can get practical advice for this real-world challenge

  • Journaling for Stress Eating Relief – thought-provoking reflection questions to help you explore your personal situation and discover creative possibilities to experiment with

  • My Stress Coping Toolkit – a worksheet designed to help you increase your non-food coping strategies so you can feel more in-control around food and more able to handle stress in your life

Grab this Bundle and Stop Stress Eating!

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