Seattle Entrepreneur Conference 2018

Conference Details

What: Seattle Entrepreneur Conference (sold out!), focusing on actionable tips to help people level up in their business by increasing their confidence, connections, customers, and cash. Expecting about 80-100 people to attend this all-day conference with expert speakers, panel discussions, light lunch, and time for networking.

Who: Seattle Entrepreneur Networking Community (SENC), a 400+ group to help entrepreneurs make genuine networking connections in Seattle. Most attending events are in their first 5 years of business, freelancers/solopreneurs/small partnership, but there are definite exceptions. Several work a standard 9-to-5 along with their entrepreneurial project.

When: April 27, 10:00-5:30, with no host social hour after at nearby lounge.

Where: Ballard Branch of the Seattle Public Library
5614 22nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Free parking in garage (first come first serve, opens at 9am, move car by 6pm or it’s locked in).

Contact: Shelly Najjar –

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Sponsorship Information

Would you consider sponsoring our event? By giving to the Seattle Entrepreneur Conference, you’ll help us create an environment where business owners and freelancers gain knowledge and connect with others, so they can succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

Click here for specific sponsorship needs


In appreciation of your generous gift, we’d like to offer you the following:
• Your business name and logo will be included in the conference attendee packet
• Your business cards will be at our sign up table
• A ticket to this sold-out event where you can meet Seattle-area freelancers and entrepreneurs
• Personal introductions if you have specific people in network you want to meet

Also, shared via Facebook, email, and Meetup to the Seattle Entrepreneur Networking Community at large, a group of over 400 members, between April 1-May 4, 2018:
• Acknowledgement of your sponsorship
• Sharing a promotion you’d like offer

Please know that this is a $0 budget event, which means financial compensation is at most token appreciation (less than $100/person). It’s being put on for free with the generous donations of Seattle-area business owners who want to support the local entrepreneurial community.

(Deadline for inclusion in attendee packet is April 11. All information on logo, business name, and offer must be submitted to Shelly by that date)



For details on highest-priority needs, click here.

Potential needs/ideas for sponsorship include:
• Cash to cover event expenses
• Video recording of the event (in-kind or cash to cover hire)
• Microphones and speakers (in-kind or cash to cover rental)
• Swag bags for attendees*
• Gifts for speakers and panel members*

*Deadline for items for attendees and speakers/panelists is week of April 16, drop off/pick up may be arranged.

A few of our sponsors are The Microsoft Store in University Village, Elated Moments Meetings & Events, and Ultraverse, Inc.


A note on the event and calls-to-action for attendees: 

I’m very confident that you’ll act with integrity, but I want to share this as a requirement anyway.

On-site, you can have business cards and your info will be in the attendee packet, but sponsors must agree (due to library rules): “may not advertise or sell products, memberships or services, and no fees, donations or money may be requested or collected. No contact information may be solicited from attendees for the purpose of advertising or selling” (this includes email lists)

Per library rules, “all promotional materials must include the following words: ‘This event is not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.'”

Because of this, event acknowledgement is limited mainly to thank you’s, plus your in-kind product/service presence, but we’re unable to tell people (from the stage) to go hire you, etc. However, we’ll be sharing your promotion to the entire SENC group (400+ people) and they can check it out there.

Also, the way I’m interpreting this is that outbound CTA is not allowed, but if someone comes up to you asking about your products, connecting with people individually (as a normal networking event) would be okay.

And of course you’re able to network individually with people as normal, but be aware that as a sponsor, what you do reflects on this group, the event, and our relationship with the library.

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Specific Sponsorship Requests



We appreciate:
• 4 hand-held microphones, wireless and multidirectional
• one PA system
• one speaker on stand

• one hand-held microphone, wireless and multidirectional
• 3 personal lapel microphones
• one PA system
• one speaker on stand
• someone to monitor PA system and troubleshoot microphones

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Schedule of Events

Conference Schedule

10:15 – Check-in / open networking

10:40 – Welcome

10:45 – How to Have Confidence when Dealing with People
Speaker: Aga Winnicka, gender communication specialist of Commitment Academy

11:15 – Ancient Storytelling Secrets for Modern Business Success
Speaker: Chad Elliot, founder and owner of Seattle Improv Classes

11:45 – Lunch Break (light lunch provided on-site)

12:30 – Finding High Level Mentors
Speaker: William Kelley, master life coach

1:00 – Networking Discussion: Taking Risks

1:45 – Panel Discussion: Not just for the Big Corps (PR, Legal, Accounting)
• Jennifer Karkar Ritchie, principal at Revolution PR
• Madhu Singh, Esq., MBA, chief legal officer at Foundry Law Group
• Ben Zheng, CPA, small business tax expert

3:00 – Don’t Do Drama: Address Conflict with Confidence
Speaker: Rachel Alexandria, reality mentor & soul medic

3:30 – The Customer Value Journey – A Strategic Roadmap Of Your Business
Speaker: Dan Hart, principal at Client Rush Marketing

4:00 – Panel Discussion: Social Media
• Amara Dumlao, consultant and digital strategist – speaking on YouTube
• Michael Huang, founder and principal at Milli – speaking on Instagram
• Amber Osborne, chief marketing officer at Doghead Simulations – speaking on LinkedIn

5:00 – Closing

5:30 – (No host) Social Hour at Shelter Lounge



Speaker/Panelist Bios

Speaker Bios:

Aga Winnicka, aka the “Man Whisperer” and “Commitment Coach,” is the creator and founder of The Commitment Academy. A gender communication specialist, she teaches women to use their femininity to improve communication and relationships with their male counterparts. She is a dynamic and engaging teacher who makes thriving relationships attainable to everyone.

Chad Elliot – Chad suffered from shyness growing up, but he fought to change. Later, he even became a ballroom dance teacher. For several years, he worked at a company that held week-long workshops in communication skills. Now he uses improv and other tools to help people gain confidence and kiss shy goodbye.

William Kelley – William is a master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and CBT, who turns struggling entrepreneurs into successful, happy leaders by reprogramming their mindsets to get them out of their own way and go on to thrive.

Rachel Alexandria, MA, MFA, worked for eight years as a licensed psychotherapist and now serves as a Soul Medic and Reality Mentor. Rachel gives clients a better way to “adult.” Her clients become masterful at expressing their truth and stepping up to create powerful lives of purpose and meaning. She has written two books, an Amazon bestseller about navigating conflict and an illustrated mind-hack about conquering the inner critic.

Dan Hart works with local service businesses to help them be more systematic about their marketing, make clearer decisions about what to do next, and make sure it all gets done.


Panelist Bios:

Jennifer Karkar Ritchie – An entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer founded Revolution PR in 2002 to represent companies she loved, recognizing passion as the key differentiator between good and GREAT PR firms. Under Jennifer’s leadership, Revolution is an award-winning agency for sustainable brands and consumer product companies nationwide that strive to create powerful connections with their target audiences.

Madhu Singh – Madhu is the founder of Foundry Law Group. Her team empowers businesses to be active in protecting their business and intellectual property. They believe in building strong relationships by being resourceful and involved in the community. In addition, she is Adjunct Faculty at the Entrepreneurship Clinic at SU School of Law.

Ben Zheng – Ben is a small business tax expert with experience in both state and federal tax compliance, business formation, and international tax.

Amara Dumlao – Specializing in marketing, cross-cultural communication, and community building, Amara merges global business savvy, strategic innovation, and creative digital media to enhance businesses. She has traveled internationally exploring online video, is a co-founder of Seattle YouTube Day, and is the director of social media and marketing for the Seattle YouTube community.

Michael Huang – A brand strategist, content creator, and culture connector, Michael Huang saw the rise of social media and interactive marketing while at several award-winning agencies. His portfolio includes Red Bull, Microsoft, Nike, Holland America, and United Airlines. In 2014, he founded Milli, a social media and content marketing agency specializing in culture, lifestyle, and community.

Amber Osborne – Amber Osborne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Doghead Simulations, a virtual reality meeting and education software company. She has years of experience in marketing and social media, and co-founded Meshfire and Head of Lettuce Media. Amber was featured as #2 of 50 Most Influential CMO’s on Social Media by Forbes.

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