Confident Nutrition Jump Start Program

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An intro to eating right for people overwhelmed by confusing and contradicting health information

  • Go from Overwhelmed to “Oh, I Got This!”... Even If You’re New to Nutrition

    Get started eating healthy TODAY, in any situation, without getting overwhelmed or having to be an expert

  • Can You Trust It? How to Find Credible Nutrition Info

    Don't make unnecessary or harmful changes, give up foods you don’t need to, or buy supplements and products that waste your money. Here's how to easily find trustworthy nutrition information so you can quickly get past the information overload.

  • No Willpower Required: How to Turn Knowledge into Action
  • Make Any Food Healthier by Changing Your Thinking: Quickstart to Mindful Eating
  • How to Eat Healthy… Even When You Don’t Cook
  • BONUS: Silencing the Food Police

    What to say to people who say you should eat a certain way (their way)... without having to agree with them

  • BONUS: Tools and Resources

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